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Good Highdeas at its heart is a bespoke consulting and advisory services company focused on the hemp and cannabis space. We host a full suite of consultative and strategic services that we have conveniently broken down below. Under each heading, you will find a breakdown of what we do, how we do it, and whom we think this service is best suited for. 

All of our stand-alone services are based on a case-by-case basis with each having the option to be done on a per-project, retainer, or equity basis. All services start with a standard introductory call and assessment and are done through a master services agreement and scope of work that will be decided before any invoices are sent or services rendered. We do offer a few distinct services through joint ventures or strategic partnerships that are set up in the ways that are best suited for the implementation by our partners.


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How it Works

Services By Category




A Brand is so much more than a logo... it's your digital identity as a company and an individual.

At Good Highdeas we are here to help you developed and implement a full host of branding services  from logo to mission statement, company messaging to community engagement, and more. Let us help you today get the most out of your brand. This service can be helpful for both start-ups and established businesses looking to refresh their brand.

Stand-Alone Services

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Marketing is 80% of sales, and we want to help you make more sales. We specialize in content marketing and inbound sales funnels using a modern transmedia approach. We aren't your average marketing company though, we are specialists in finding the sweet spot between corporate need and the community voice.  This service is best suited for established businesses or companies who have settled on their brand and want to get the most out of it.


Public Relations


Business Development

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Government Relations


Business Acceleration


Social Media


Due Diligence & Vetting



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Retail Operations

Public relations is a lot more than just getting earned media: it's crisis communication, risk management, social media marketing, earned media, and all things public messaging. With a deep understanding of both the mainstream and cananbis industry media landscape, Good Highdeas is positioned to help you get the most out of your brand. This is a service that can be tailored to the canna-newby and established ganjapreneurs alike depending on specific needs.

Good Highdeas is here to help in your business development needs whether it's B2B connections or drumming up leads from your consumer base. With a combined 15 years of industry experience and an unparralled network of cannabis professionals, we are here to help you get your business to the next level. This service is best suited for established cannabis businesses looking to expand, or for new start-ups looking for a leg up on the competition. Our network is our client's network when they sign up for this service offering.

The cannabis industry is a world built on the shoulders of activists and advocates, and the team at Good Highdeas is no exception. With deep connections to the movers and shakers in getting cannabis policies in place, we are positioned to help you get where you want to be with the real people who matter. This service is geared toward established businesses looking to ensure they are connected to the appropriate members of national, state, and local political bodies in order to get the most equitable position for their company.

Your network is your net worth, and that couldn't be more true in the cannabis industry. With deep connections to the marijuana movement and the cannabis industry alike, let us help you make the connections you need to succeed in the "green rush." This is best suited for early stage cannabis companies or those transplanting into the space from another industry. We are here to help you make the connections you need in order to bring your Good Highdeas to life.

Social Media is both the cannabis industry's best friend and arch nemesis. With cannabis content being banned on most social media this is often times the hardest piece of the cannabis industry puzzle for most brands to crack. Lucky for you, we've got you covered. With a deep focus of LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube we are here to help you establish a social media foothold for your company. This service is best suited for transplants to the cannabis looking to understand the "do's and don'ts" of cannabis on social media, or for cannabis companies struggling to keep their accounts up and running thanks to the powers that be.

Anyone who has been in the weed world more than a few minutes can tell you it's rife with fraud, scandals, and shady characters. Lucky for you, the team at Good Highdeas are experts in sniffing out the BS. With backgrounds in military intelligence and law enforcement, we are top of the class leaders in ensuring you know who you're working with, and what they are all about. Before you invest in a company or sign on the dotted line for a new deal, let us get under the hood and give you a peak around the corner to avoid potential risks and pitfalls. This service is geared toward anyone who is risk averse and looking to stay on the right side of the fence.

Cannabis is still an emerging industry, and as such it's hard to descern the good information from the bad. We are here to help with that. Let us help you establish staff training or consumer focused educational materials to ensure maximum efficacy of your products by matching them to the specific needs of your consumers. This service is best suited for both established and start-up cannabis operations looking to ensure their client base is getting the most up to date cananbis information out there.

Compliance is King... That's the case more than anywhere else in the cannanis industry. Whether it's upregulated compliance levels like GMP or ISO certification, or just trying to understand the web of sometimes conflicting state, local, and federal laws: We are here to help. This is a partner service with a leader in the compliance space, and offered to Good  Highdeas clients  as part of our dedication to a better, safer  cannabis industry. This service is suited for the cannabis industry neophyte and the established ganajpreneur alike.

Retail is one of the most saturated market segments in the cannabis space. This leaves companies two options to succeed: Lower Prices or Customer Service. We think the latter one is by far your better choice to keep your business going. That's why we have partnered with Progress Retail, a market  leader in retail education, to create cannabis retail operations training for any size operation. We can help train your staff in both cannabis knowledge and top of the line retail  sales techniques to really get the most out of  your sales force.


Partner Services