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Consultants, Advisors, Strategists, Helping Hands, Subject Matter Experts...

The team at Good Highdeas has been called many things, but the one thread throughout any of those monikers is a dedication to our client's best interests.


In short: Good Highdeas is a bespoke advisory company specializing in the hemp and cannabis space. We offer consultative services for a broad range of the green rush mainly focused on communications and related fields like branding, marketing, public relations, and business development with a dash of government relations, business acceleration, and generalized industry analysis or insights. 

We believe that the future of the cannabis space is a healthy dose of modern business innovation with a foundation built on the advocacy and activism roots that came well before anyone was considering being a ganjapreneur or adding weed to their resume.

We offer services for the canna-curious and the experienced marijuana mogul alike. Check out our services page or click the link below that best fits your needs and we will be happy to help.




Business Development



Government Relations

Public Relations


Social Media

Business Acceleration


Retail Training

If you're looking for our industry watchdog offering, Project Mongoose, then click HERE or head over to

A little bit about project Mongoose

Project Mongoose is dedicated to cleaning up the cannabis space, one story at a time. It's an open secret that the cannabis industry attracts its fair share of shady characters and predatory practices. We call those snakes, and through the power of transparency and collaboration, we are becoming the mongeese needed to secure a  sustainable, profitable, and moral industry.


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