Good Highdeas at its heart is a bespoke consulting and advisory services company focused on the hemp and cannabis space. We host a full suite of consultative and strategic services that we have conveniently broken down into different projects.  Below you will find a breakdown of what we do,  how we do it, and whom we serve.


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Project Mongoose

Cleaning Up the Cannabis Industry, One Story at a Time

It's an open secret that the cannabis industry attracts its fair share of shady characters and predatory practices. We call those snakes, and through the power of transparency and collaboration, we are becoming the mongeese needed to secure a  sustainable, profitable, and moral industry.

This project exists in two formats.


The first can be found out at, or by clicking the link below:

These are all submitted stories from various segments of the hemp and cannabis space formatted into easily understood allegories and lessons with commentary from some of the industry's best and brightest.

The second is our answer to the issues showcased in these stories. Utilizing our proprietary investigative techniques and unique industry experience, Good Highdeas provides both investors and entrepreneurs alike the security they need to be part of the green rush.

Our vetting and due diligence services can be done on a retainer or per-project basis, with no project being too big or too small. Before moving forward with your next endeavor or investment,  let us make sure you know if there are any snakes in the grass.

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Helping You Save Time, Money, and Resources

When Those Are In Short Supply

Happy employees work harder, make more sales, and stay with your company longer. Train/Hire/Culture is our way of helping the cannabis community have happier employees. Through the T/H/C process, we offer assessments for customer service, sales, and marketing operations in order to help you understand where things might be falling apart.


If it's in the training or knowledge base, we are here to help. We can help train your staff on better ways to work with your customers/patients, proper techniques for selling, and even how to understand the products on your shelf better. Employees who understand the process, products, and people on the other side of the counter will feel more secure and produce better results.

If it's in the products, placement, or process... We're still here to help. We can help you assess your customer's needs, source or locate those products or services, and how to properly display and market them. These services are available for dispensaries, ancillary services, and everything in between.

If it's in the culture or "people" side of the business, We have the help you need there too. We offer cultural assessments, team building, executive coaching, and all the things needed to make sure your vision is being implemented at all levels. Culture is King, and it starts with the top.

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Are you a canna-curious investor? What about a subject matter expert or professional from another industry who thinks their skills might fit somewhere in the litany of places offered within the green rush? Or... maybe you're a business owner or manager who is considering incorporating hemp or cannabis into your existing business model.


Either way, Canna-Convert is made just for you. The cannabis and hemp industries have tons of rules, regulations, and stipulations that go into jumping on board.  They also come with their own lexicon of slang, acronyms, and jargon.  Canna-Convert is here to make all of that make sense without the hassle of learning it the hard way. 

We like to think of this project using a bit of an analogy. Imagine the cannabis industry as a maze full of pitfalls, traps, and problems. We like to think of ourselves as the guide helping you through that maze by shining a flashlight on those problems before they occur.

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