• Brett Puffenbarger

LinkedIn for Cannabis Professionals Recap

This past Thursday (05/20/2021) our CEO sat down with fellow cannabis industry leaders Matthew Herrold and Matthew O'Brien to discuss some of the best ways cannabis professionals can utilize LinkedIn. This once-in-a-lifetime event was sponsored by Multichain Ventures, Good Feels, Four PM, Headstash Marketing, and of course Good Highdeas. The full recording of this webinar is available below:

Topics Included:

The Why = The Value

• Why is this such a hot platform right now?

• Why does building a personal brand on LinkedIn matter for you or your company?

The What = Platform Insights, Tips, Tricks, Techniques

• How to Write a Better Headline & Why it Matters

• How to Create a Better Post

• "About Me" Copywriting Tips

• The Power of Comments and Likes

• Is Premium Worth It?

• To Use a Posting App or Not?

• Text, Picture, Polls, or Video... Does it Matter?

• Schedule Ahead of Time or Write Fresh Every Day?

• Does Time of Day or Day of the Week Matter?

The How = Tools

• Hootsuite/HubSpot Social Organizer

• Adobe Rush

• And More Gadgets, Apps, and Software that can make being a LinkedIn Content Machine a Little Bit Easier

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